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A Business Case for Git

Tim Pettersen, Atlassian

So you want to go Git, but other stakeholders in your organization aren't quite convinced it's worth the effort? This talk will explain why migrating to Git is a win for the whole business – not just developers. We'll give you the ammunition you need to convince your team that the switch to Git is a no-brainer.

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About the speaker

Tim Pettersen, Developer Provocateur, Atlassian

Tim is a veteran Java developer at Atlassian. After seven years working on JIRA, Stash and other developer tools out of Atlassian's Australian office he made the move to San Francisco. Today, Tim's official job title is Developer Provocateur.

Tim thinks that all software, but particularly developer tools, should be built with extensibility in mind. He splits his days between building tools and platform APIs for Atlassian's developer ecosystem and blogging or speaking about developer tools, API design and building hackable products.

Tim also claims the first commit to Stash, Atlassian's enterprise Git repository management tool. His time on Stash taught him more about Git than is probably healthy, and he enjoys regularly speaking and blogging about Git arcanery.