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5 Lessons From a Life Long Issue Tracker

Dan Radigan, Atlassian

Issue tracking is more than tracking bugs in code, it helps software teams collaborate and build software better. In this session, learn from a seasoned developer and agile scrummaster the top 5 practices to unlock the power of issue tracking with JIRA.

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Dan Radigan, Senior Agile Evangelist, Atlassian

Dan Radigan has 15 years of experience in software development wearing a wide variety of hats: program management, engineering, quality, and now marketing. Dan is currently senior agile evangelist for Atlassian. He loves to see teams succeed with agile, and has helped many technical and non-technical teams see its benefits and transition to agile. Previously Dan worked on software development teams for Netflix, Dell, and Adobe. His areas of expertise include agile product development, program management, and marketing. You can find Dan on Twitter at @danradigan.