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10 Ways To Work Effectively as a Distributed Team

Nick Pellow, Atlassian

Look behind the curtain and walk a mile in the shoes of an Atlassian development manager working in a team spread across timezones, space, and culture. Learn how Atlassian’s FishEye/Crucible team is using Atlassian and non-Atlassian products to work effectively in a distributed team, while staying focused, motivated, and connected.

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Nick Pellow, Development Manager, Atlassian

Nick has been with Atlassian for 7 years. He previously worked for Cenqua, the makers of Atlassian original dev tools: FishEye, Crucible and Clover.

During his time with Atlassian, Nick has witnessed the company grow from 80 odd employees, to the 800 strong workforce the company now enjoys. Nick has a lot of experience working with distributed teams from early on in the company when he ran the Clover team, which comprised of a remote engineer based in London. Prior to that, members of Cenqua were also distributed throughout Australia.