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JIRA 7 for Developers

Bartek Gatz, Ian Grunert, and Filip Rogaczewski, Atlassian

Lots changed with the JIRA platform this year: the JIRA REST API, Atlassian Connect, and JIRA Data Center, to name a few. Learn all about what's new and what's coming up next in this update for add-on developers.

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About the speakers

Bartek Gatz, Product Manager, Atlassian

Bartek Gatz is a JIRA product manager working from Atlassian's Poland office in Gdansk and is responsible for the JIRA Ecosystem. Come and grab him for any JIRA-related topic. He his quite friendly despite the frowny face and beard.

Ian Grunert, Senior Developer, Atlassian

Ian currently works at Atlassian where he has worked on JIRA and Stash. He has previously worked for Rising Sun Pictures and Maptek, and dabbled in some research, whilst completing his degree at Adelaide University. Ian enjoys discussing code over beer, and writing in the third person in speaker bios.