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Stash – Taking Expedia to New Heights

David Williams, Expedia and Christopher Pepe, Praecipio Consulting 

Discover how making the move from Perforce to Git at Expedia lead to standing room-only training sessions abundant with high fives. The move to Git improved Expedia's software development with faster development cycles, deeper integrations, increased transparency, and a more unified development platform.

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About the speakers

David Williams, Expedia

David is a senior technical product manager for Expedia with over a decade of experience in systems engineering and IT. David brings a rich expertise to Expedia's processes and was integral in the adoption of Stash. His extensive infrastructure and solution design background provide unique perspective and benefit to Expedia dev ops teams. An advocate for best practices and continuous improvement, David's pioneering spirit helped facilitate the successful migration of his team to Stash and inspire Atlassian enthusiasm throughout Expedia.

Christopher Pepe, Praecipio Consulting

Christopher is a managing partner at Praecipio Consulting leading technology implementations and technical education. Christopher counts on Atlassian product suite experience and expertise dating back to JIRA’s earliest public releases in 2004. Christopher has helped Praecipio Consulting’s clients implement ITIL, agile software development, and other software development lifecycle processes and best practices using the entire Atlassian product suite.