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Scaling Git

Stefan Saasen, Atlassian

With the widespread adoption of Git, and the rollout of Git-based development workflows, large organizations must be able to scale their source code management system with their needs. In this talk we will provide practical advice to overcome the challenges in scaling Git.

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Stefan Saasen, Development Manager - Stash, Atlassian

Stefan is the development lead for Atlassian Stash. He has spent his last few years firstly working on Atlassian Confluence, then on the highly available OnDemand authentication system and now on Stash, the scalable Git hosting solution. His passion for DVCS led him to migrate the Confluence team from Subversion to Stash, helping our thousands of OnDemand customers with their DVCS migrations, reimplementing "git clone" in Haskell from the bottom up to understand how git works and finally leading the charge building the best Git hosting tool available.