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Portfolio Management in JIRA

Karen Branham and Scottie Brimmer, Markel Corp. 

As our company's use of JIRA increased, we sensed a need to track portfolio projects within JIRA. But we didn’t find any plugins that met our need, so we built our own process. Through a combination of custom issue types, fields, and workflows, our leaders and PMO can now see the entire portfolio of 60 projects.

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About the speakers

Karen Branham, Senior Program Manager, Markel Corp.

Karen Branham, PMP, began her career as a junior programmer with Circuit City Stores. After many years of analysis, design and programming, she moved into the project management world. Her project, program and portfolio management skills were honed through employment at Performance Food Group, Capital One, and other companies. She is currently the Portfolio Manager at Markel Corp.

Scottie Brimmer, JIRA Administrator, Markel Corp.

Scottie Brimmer started her career in the United States Navy Reserves repairing circuit boards. Her career path has had many forks which have taken her from Electronics Technician to Circuit Board Schematic and Layout to QA Lead to JIRA Administrator. Her diverse and broad experience has created a wealth of talent and knowledge. Scottie is currently the central/primary JIRA Administrator for Markel Corporation's IT Department.