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Bryan Rollins, Atlassian 

The last year in JIRA has given software teams even more ways to deliver better products at a faster pace. See what’s new in the world of JIRA and what’s around the corner in the JIRA Keynote.

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Bryan Rollins, General Manager - JIRA, Atlassian

Bryan Rollins is the JIRA general manager at Atlassian, an award-winning enterprise software company that offers products to help teams at organizations large and small work better together. He is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the JIRA family across engineering, product management, and product marketing. Bryan was an Atlassian customer and champion at several software companies before moving half way around the world to Sydney to work on a product he loves.

When he's not busy dreaming the next great thing in JIRA, Bryan is training for his second Ironman, this time in Busselton in December.