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Understanding Metrics – What to Measure, and Why

John Custy, JPC GROUP

This session will help you understand what you should be reporting, and how to better communicate the value of what you do. Join John Custy, a service management and metrics authority, as he explains how to identify the various types of metrics you need to report; their value, purpose, and how to use them.

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John Custy, JPC GROUP

John has worked with all types of organizations and business units, from financial services to healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits government agencies. John has over thirty years of experience working in IT services and service management organizations, and has been actively involved with helping organizations improving their services – by providing more value and aligning their activities to organizational goals and objectives.

Prior to founding JPC Group, John served as Director of Professional Services at ZD/Softbank, where he was responsible for managing a consulting services group and training organization. He also held Product Management and Quality Management positions with global computer vendors, taught programming at Merrimack College. He holds a BS from University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and has a MA in Innovation & Technology from Boston University.