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How to Graduate From Email Support

Tom Moors, ACA IT-Solutions

It can be a daunting challenge for an organization to transition from an embedded email culture to a more structured solution like JIRA Service Desk. This problem is compounded when external partners are involved. Through practical customer examples, we will cover how to iteratively graduate from email support, and set up a full-blown service desk.

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Tom Moors, Atlassian Expert Partner, ACA IT-Solutions

Tom Moors is an Atlassian Expert at ACA IT-Solutions, a Belgium-based services company that proves to be different. Somewhere 4 years ago he fell in love with Atlassian JIRA as a developer only to discover that there was a whole suite to dedicate his time to. In those years he has implemented the Atlassian stack plenty of times, sharing best practices and facilitating workshops to get the most out of the tools in the specific context.

When he is not helping customers, showing new usages for the Atlassian stack or attending local user groups he loves to hang out with his friends in the beautiful city of Leuven, home of Stella Artois, to enjoy the greatest beers in the world.