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From Zero to Hero, how to become a Master of Puppets

Nick Cunningham, Puppet Labs

In this session you will learn how Puppet Labs, cleaved its helpdesk from its general Operations and created a dedicated Service Desk team. Nick will share their planning process and lessons learned, but more importantly, how having a Service Desk triage Operations tickets makes your Service Desk smarter and Operations team better. Take aways from the session include:

  • Things to consider when planning your Service Desk
  • Problems faced setting up a Service Desk and how to overcome them How to configure your Customer Portal to minimize triage time and make your team more productive
  • Ways to encourage self-service amongst your users to empower them and reduce inbound tickets

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Nick Cunningham, Puppet Labs

Puppet Labs is the leader in IT automation and has grown more than double year over year. Nick Cunningham is the IT manager at Puppet Labs, leading a small team of Mac admins in the good fight for automation and user delight. He is primarily responsible for fending off vendors and overseeing Mac management and maintenance of Puppets fleet of machines.