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The Future of the Workplace

Rick Von Feldt, Atlassian 

Four disruptive trends are changing the way we work: there are new ways to interact, talent is global, the workplace is becoming more social, and the workforce now spans 3 generations. This overview of the shifting workplace will cover the highlights of each of these trends, and share our view of the top 10 things an organization needs to consider to be relevant in the future workplace.

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Rick Von Feldt, Head of Learning and Development, Atlassian

Rick is a workplace futurist, helping organizations realize the dramatic changes happening between today and the year 2020. He is passionate about the dramatic changes happening in the next seven years, as the intersection of four shifts (technology, global, social and generational) creates the most dramatic change in company culture seen since 1910.

Rick is a former VP of Learning and Organization Development at Hewlett-Packard. He and his team of 250 were responsible for the capability of 9 business units and 190,000 people for HP around the world. He also held leadership roles at Dell, and was a senior facilitator in the Gillette global leadership development program.