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Measuring the Success of an Internal Q&A Community

Sam Tardif, Atlassian 

Atlassian has added, cultivated, and managed a successful internal Q&A community for nearly a year. During that time, we've seen some innovative user hacks that take Confluence Questions beyond the basic "ask questions, get answers" model. These hacks challenge the way we measure the success of our own Q&A community, and have inspired us to take the product in new directions. Learn how we use Confluence Questions at Atlassian, and how our own experiences guide product development.

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Sam Tardif, Development Team Lead, Atlassian

Sam is the development team lead for Confluence Questions. After starting out as a developer on Confluence, he was one of the founding members of the Prouduct Growth Team, whose goal is to help product teams become more data-driven when it comes to product development and help grow our products. He’s now applying all that he learnt there to Confluence Questions on a quest for creating awesome internal Q&A communities.