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Lean Scaling – From Lean Startup to Lean Enterprise

Itamar Goldminz, Opower 

Congratulations! You've found the right product-market fit, and it's now time to scale your business. But growing your organization often means slower decision making, increased complexity, and higher chance for misalignments. How can you grow your business while staying lean? Learn five key lessons on how to use smart integration and process to grow with your Atlassian tools.

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Itamar Goldminz, Director - KPI (Knowledge, Planning, Improvement), Opower

Itamar Goldminz has over 10 years of experience leading product and engineering teams in a diverse set of organizations. Currently, he heads up Opower's Knowledge, Planning and Improvement (KPI) team tasked with effectively scaling Opower’s R&D organization. Prior to joining Opower, Itamar was a Program Manager for an elite technology unit in the IDF, leading the development of multiple new products and the adoption of modern development techniques. He was previously a Sr. Software Engineer at Check Point — where he was part of the team building the company’s virtualized firewall product, targeted at the Telco, ISP and large enterprise market. Itamar received his MBA with distinction from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a B.Sc with honors in Physics and Economics from Tel-Aviv University.