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How to Use HipChat to Collaborate and Build Culture

Matthew Weinberg, Vector Media Group 

Vector Media Group relies on HipChat for 99 percent of team communication to get more done, while supporting and building our company culture. Learn how we balance productivity (like team rooms where external data is centralized and shared), and silliness (like a bot that renders a founder's animated face whenever they are named in a public room).

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Matthew Weinberg, Co-Founder and President of Development & Technology, Vector Media Group.

Matt has a decade of experience building technology solutions for clients, leading the development of sites ranging from large publishing platforms to completely custom eCommerce stores. He is an expert at blending the latest technical advances with a pragmatic approach, and keeps Vector's development team focused on reliability, speed, and stability in all projects. Matt is a noted eCommerce and ExpressionEngine expert, and has spoken at the last five ExpressionEngine conferences.