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Harness Tribal Knowledge with Confluence Questions

Kim Wall, Principal Financial Group

Sharing knowledge across your entire company is hard. Tribal knowledge usually stays tribal knowledge, and is rarely shared or recorded. But Confluence Questions changes that when rolled out as a "peer support platform" similar to Stack Overflow. Learn how Principal Financial Group uses internal Q&A to build and maintain a thriving employee community.

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Kim Wall, Principal Financial Group

Kim Wall is a senior IT system analyst at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, IA. Kim is the primary system administrator for Atlassian products across the enterprise, and has been instrumental in the their rapid and successful adoption – so much so that she is now called Atlassian Girl by many. In addition to supporting Atlassian products, as part of the Application Development Support team, Kim supports the Java development community with tooling, best practices, troubleshooting, and guidance. She is also an agile instructor and coach and has helped found several innovation-based programs at the company to inspire and empower the IT community.