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Don't Let Culture Slip – How Atlassian Innovates at Scale

Issac Gerges, Atlassian

Atlassian's engineering team has doubled in size in the last year. As we grow, we can't just sit back and let "it" run on automatic. An innovative culture isn't one of those things we get for free. We'll cover how Atlassian innovates as we grow, and some things you can take away to cultivate an "innovation first" atmosphere at your company.

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Issac Gerges, Developer - Confluence, Atlassian

Issac Gerges is a Confluence developer at Atlassian. For as long as he can remember, he's been hacking on one thing or another. From camera carrying high altitude balloons to racing microcontroller powered POWER WHEELS® cars; Issac’s torn it apart and put it back together with a few extra pieces. Since moving from Wisconsin to Sydney, Issac spends most of his time hacking on Confluence. As a full stack developer with a focus on business teams, he’s helped ship key features like blueprints, tasks, and better files support. Issac’s passion for product and innovation has also helped him put four ShipIt finals and two wins under his belt.