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Cobras and Manatees – Nimble Development With Squads

Jimi Hazelwood, Atlassian 

The JIRA development team has been experimenting with a new approach to software development inspired by Spotify, called Squads – independent, sub-divisions of the development team focused on a specific steam of work. Learn about the successes and challenges that the JIRA team has faced while applying this model to development of an important upcoming JIRA Agile feature.

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Jimi Hazelwood, Developer, Atlassian

Jimi Hazelwood, Developer, JIRA, Atlassian Jimi celebrated his 2 year anniversary with Atlassian last July. In that time he's worked on a diverse smorgasboard of JIRA projects, from cross-cutting backend schema changes to frontend-heavy user experience overhauls. In doing so, he's experienced and helped to implement a variety of approaches to agile collaboration and delivery. Jimi is in training for his first marathon, and hopes to run across the golden gate bridge and back before heading home.