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A/B Testing – How to Break Things and Fail Fast (Without Breaking Things)

Mark Halvorson, Atlassian 

Everyone wants to optimize their web property, especially if that web property is their only sales channel. In this talk, we will explore how Atlassian has used their CMS along with JIRA, Confluence, and other tools to operationalize A/B testing to continually optimize Atlassian's website. Using this process we can balance failing fast with keeping things running smoothly.

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Mark Halvorson, Head of Interactive Marketing, Atlassian

Mark Halvorson is the Head of Interactive Marketing and “Chief Imagineer” at Atlassian Software. In his almost six years at Atlassian he has gone from being a Marketing Evangelist to running the creative teams behind website development, design and video. Mark is an intensely creative individual whose interests include improv acting, sketch writing, running and yoga.