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Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

Sander Brienen, Avisi

Sander is a senior Java software engineer with more then 12 years of experience in the Java Enterprise world. Throughout his working life, Sander has had many different roles, starting as Java developer to lead devoper/architect and service manager in both small and large projects.

Sander started his career as software engineer in many different projects for many different companies. The last 7 years Sander worked for Avisi as senior Java software engineer. He started his career as a developer but soon became the service coordinator for this large customer. In 2011 Sander decided to switch over to consultancy on development processes and tools. He became Atlassian Expert and worked in the field of development tooling. In this role, Sander helped many different companies, from small to very large, use the Atlassian products for their development process.

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