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Automated Configuration & Deployment of Atlassian Applications

Raju Kadam and Myra Chachkin, Pandora

Raju Kadam-I'm living and breathing into the world of Atlassian since 2006! Currently I'm working as a System Administrator at Pandora where my day job involves managing JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye and Crucible. Also I'm Atlassian User Group Leader for San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. I dream of building things and when that gets difficult, I go for long runs or play ping pong.

Myra Chachkin is a Lead Systems Administrator in the Technical Operations group at Pandora Media. She joined the company in 2007 and has helped to build internal and customer-facing systems during Pandora's exponential growth. Administering Atlassian applications has become a large part of her job. Before joining Pandora, Myra did system administration, network engineering, programming, and database administration for UC Berkeley, several Bay Area ISPs, and the Ingres relational database company. She enjoys the perpetual challenge of adding stability and speed via automation.

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