Blogging the life @ Atlassian

Ken Olofsen

Introducing new Atlassian Enterprise offerings

Many companies begin their JIRA journey by running it on a server under someone’s desk. This ...

Sarah Goff-Dupont

New webinar! Super-powered CI with Git

You’ve always known that continuous integration (CI) is a critical part of working as a team ...

Perks of the trade

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Dog friendly – bring your pooch to the office
  • Fully stocked kitchen. Food, beer, Red Bull, and more
  • An office Xbox. With Rock Band.
  • Aeron chair and other ergonomic goodies
  • After 5 years we'll give you $3,000 to take a vacation
  • Five days paid leave per year for volunteer work
  • Use whatever operating system you prefer
  • Secondment to our Amsterdam offices