How does security change with cloud technology?

IT organizations may be cautious about putting business-critical data into applications they don’t manage directly, out of concerns about systems security. Some need assurance that the vendor can meet their industry’s privacy and compliance regulations. In these cases, IT leaders look for vendors that have certifications that prove they can, in fact, meet the criteria for compliance.

While security concerns are always top priority for IT leaders, Forrester reports that 21% of decision makers claim that improved security and ability to comply with regulations are important reasons for favoring cloud. In fact, enterprises recognize that cloud vendors can provide a product that is more secure than their own data centers — if they also share in the responsibilities.

The good news is there are many compliant cloud vendors to choose from. Cloud vendors often devote more resources to security, privacy, and compliance than the average IT organization can afford, and many have teams with specialties that manage against the latest security threats. After all, their reputation—and their entire platform—is built on customer trust.

How can you tell if a cloud vendor will meet your security and privacy requirements? As you evaluate cloud vendors, ask which compliance certifications they’ve received. Also consider the type of data your teams will enter into the application and the actual business risk of it being exposed, as not all data requires the same level of risk management. And finally, consider how you will manage permissions and each individual’s access to data on the system.

Another benefit to cloud applications is platform resilience and quality. With self-managed software your IT team is responsible for identifying bugs or defects, filing service tickets with the vendor, waiting for the next major release, and then installing upgrades when a fix is ready. With cloud applications, you get that time back. With most cloud software automatically running the latest version, as soon as a bug is identified by the vendor or other customers, the issue can be tracked, resolved, and a fix can be deployed—all before your team experiences the issue, and with no action required on your part.

Security at Atlassian

Security at Atlassian

Security is built into the fabric of our cloud products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded. Transparency is key to our security philosophy, that’s why we partner with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to make all of our practices, policies, and more publicly available for review.

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