Incident Communication is Broken: Learn How to Fix it

When critical systems fail, everyone feels the heat. The teams that communicate best under pressure are the ones who solve incidents faster - so how do they do it?

During this webinar we cover common pitfalls teams face during an incident. We'll also explain how you can quickly improve communication and ultimately reduce downtime during incidents.

This webinar covers:

  • Why communication breaks down during incidents.
  • How to properly communicate with internal and external stakeholders during an incident.
  • How to streamline the process of incident management, and work smarter not harder.
  • Ways to set up proactive incident management using Opsgenie, including: Templates, Incident Command Center.


Kevin Davis

Customer Success Engineer, Opsgenie

Shaun Pinney

Product Marketing, Opsgenie

Shaun Pinney is a Product Marketing Manager on the Opsgenie team at Atlassian. Previously the Director of Product Marketing at OpsGenie, Shaun has held marketing and customer-facing roles at multiple technology companies including HubSpot, Backupify, and Datto. He loves spending time with his family, skiing, and mountain biking.