Getting the Most out of Atlassian and Opsgenie

Opsgenie is now part of the Atlassian family and we’re excited to invite you to watch this exclusive webinar where we demonstrate how to integrate Opsgenie’s powerful alerting and on-call management tools with your entire Atlassian stack.

Regardless if an alert is generated from a monitoring tool, or if it comes from a customer submitted ticket in Jira Service Desk, Opsgenie’s deep integrations across the Atlassian suite of tools ensures critical alerts are never missed and the right people are notified, every time.

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of Opsgenie’s powerful alerting and on-call management software.
  • How to integrate Opsgenie with both Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira cloud.
  • How to route tickets from Jira Service Desk to Opsgenie automatically.
  • A live demonstration of how Jira, Jira Service Desk, Statuspage, Slack and Opsgenie work together to route alerts to the right person, and resolve issues efficiently.


Shaun Pinney

Product Marketing, Opsgenie

Shaun Pinney is a Product Marketing Manager on the Opsgenie team at Atlassian. Previously the Director of Product Marketing at OpsGenie, Shaun has held marketing and customer-facing roles at multiple technology companies including HubSpot, Backupify, and Datto. He loves spending time with his family, skiing, and mountain biking.

Colin Saunders

Solutions Engineer, Opsgenie

Colin works with some of Atlassian's largest customers to properly adopt the Atlassian products. Colin specializes in advising customers that are building best practices around incident management and response. When he is not working with customers and prospects, he enjoys spending time with friends and traveling.

Kevin Davis

Customer Success Engineer, Opsgenie