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5 secrets of high-performing IT teams

IT's role is evolving from "help fix my laptop" to "help me be the best." While many IT teams are still stuck firefighting, high-performing teams align with the business, embrace agile and automation, and drive digital transformation.

Does yours?

Did you know?

45% of today’s work could be automated, according to McKinsey.

Representing lost wages of $2 trillion

lost wages 2 trillion

71% say they are focused on risk reduction, but only

29% say their IT team is critical to business success.

5 secrets of high-performing IT teams

IT teams must defy convention or risk being left behind!

We profiled almost 200 teams and we found 5 things that high performing IT teams do that others don't...

Secret 1: Put business first

High-performing teams are
2 times

more likely to tie IT projects to revenue, and 8x more likely to share goals with the business.

Teams that are business aligned are...

Business success

30% more likely to prioritize projects with business management

Business success

2x as likely to use a business + IT scorecard to measure success

Secret 2: Excel in technology

Technology is the competitive advantage and IT is in the driver's seat.

2 trillion

High-performing IT teams are 2 times

more likely to have a written and published plan for digital transformation.


46% of these organizations see greater ROI on technology

How likely are IT teams to invest
in these technologies?

Business aligned teams are almost 3x more likely to have ITSM tools less than 2 years old. 

Secret 3: Invest in speed

When it comes to speed,
methodology matters.

Created with Sketch. Agil e 47.5 % 56 % Knowledge-centered support / servic e Lea n DevOp s 22.5 % 26 % ITIL 74.4% 66% Overall respondents Kanba n 14.4 % 14 % 30.6% 46% 25 % 30 % Scru m 26.9 % 30 % High-performing teams 18% more likely to use Agile 15% more likely to use DevOps

Believe it or not, the only methodology high-performing teams are underinvesting is:


Secret 4: Make customers a priority

For high-performing teams,
customers come first.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: 100%

of high-performing teams measure customer satisfaction

They are also more likely to have ITSM tools that support...

Business success

Social collaboration

Business success


Secret 5: Be proactive

High-performing teams don't get bogged down in firefighting and repetition. They use automation and fix root problems.


say the use of automation has increased in the past two years.

Business success

Nearly 76% of IT teams are using service automation

Business success

Only 8% have seen a decrease in headcount due to automation

High-performing teams are almost 2.5 times

more likely to practice problem management and not play wac-a-mole with incidents.

How to become a high-performing team


  • Share goals and report success to the business

  • Invest in automation and frameworks like Agile, DevOps, and KCS

  • Don't play wac-a-mole with incidents; fix root problems

  • Measure CSAT

  • Have a plan for digital transformation


  • Tie revenue and CSAT to IT projects

  • Practice Lean and DevOps

  • Explore tech like AI/machine learning or predictive analytics

  • Invest in CX tools

  • Use service management across the business