Atlassian Halp Subprocessors RSS RSS feed of Atlassian Halp subprocessors who process customer data. Tue, 10 Nov 2020 12:00:00 GMT Third-Party Subprocessors as of September 27, 2021 <p>Halp</p> <p>Third Party Service/Vendor:&nbsp;Amazon AWS<br /> Purpose: Data hosting&nbsp;<br /> Entity Country: USA<br /> Website:</p> <p>Third Party Service/Vendor: Mailgun<br /> Purpose:&nbsp;Email service provider<br /> Entity Country: USA&nbsp;<br /> Website:&nbsp;</p> <p>Third Party Service/Vendor:&nbsp;MongoDB Cloud<br /> Purpose:&nbsp;Database Infrastructure<br /> Entity Country: USA&nbsp;<br /> Website:</p> <p>Third Party Service/Vendor:&nbsp;Sendgrid<br /> Purpose:&nbsp;Email service provider<br /> Entity Country: USA<br /> Website:&nbsp;</p> <p>Third Party Service/Vendor:&nbsp;Intercom R&amp;D Unlimited Company<br /> Purpose:&nbsp;Live chat and customer support<br /> Entity Country: USA<br /> Website:&nbsp;</p>