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Tips on guerilla marketing your service desk

Setting up a service desk is easy. Getting your employees to use it is an entire sport of its own. In this presentation, learn about tangible and creative ways to market your service desk that have been effectively deployed to achieve utilisation rates of more than 90%. 

By making the service desk a part of the onboarding process and using creative marketing, find out how to ensure employees are not only using, but loving your service desk.

Inside this presentation:

  • A launch checklist for your team to manage your service desk's go to market 
  • Some interesting psyhcological insights about how to change user's behaviors 
  • How companies like Spotify and Twitter have utilized creative and innovative ways to market their service desk
  • How to measure success of your service desk (hint: we have five metrics for you!)
Guerilla marketing your service desk from Atlassian
About the author

Caroline Clark

Product Marketing Manager, Jira Service Desk

Caroline Clark is a Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian. She has been doing product marketing within the enterprise collaboration software space for about three years. During working hours she's passionate about learning and promoting how customers use Atlassian's tools (especially Jira Service Desk), both through interviewing customers and writing content. She grew up in New York City and currently lives in San Francisco. In her free time you can find her reading non fiction or attempting a new recipe. Tweet at Caroline: @carolinedclark

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