careers_perks_makeadiff“I was so excited, I nearly pee’d on the rug.” That line always gets a laugh when people ask me how I came to work at Atlassian. (Yes, that’s at–not for. You’ll see what I mean.) The path that led me here has a few bends and a couple bonafide non-sequiturs: degrees in Global Political Economy and Political Science, then gigs as a dot-com receptionist, copywriter, substitute teacher, QA tester, automated test engineer, and scrum master before I applied to the Bitbucket Product Marketing position advertised on Atlassian’s careers page. During the interview process, the man who is now my boss asked if I might prefer a role working with Bamboo and writing about topics like agile processes, continuous integration, and continuous delivery instead. “Oh my Gosh, that’s available??” Cue the overjoyed puppy moment.

See, I love working with nerds. Especially software nerds. I love helping make their 9-5 more productive and less painful. If that describes you too, then read on–we need you.

So what does a Technical Product Marketer do all day? We research, which might mean reading up on new developments in the industry or getting involved with our internal dev teams or tinkering with code or all of the above. Then we write. Landing pages, blogs, tutorials, sometimes ad copy, then more blogs. We engage with other people in the software field and exchange ideas via Twitter,  forums, meet-ups, and speaking at conferences.

It’s a helluva lot of fun, especially at a place like Atlassian where we have tremendous creative freedom. Not every company would let my say “pee” publicly, for instance. And because Atlassian doesn’t use the traditional sales model, we don’t have to hold useful product information hostage in exchange for people’s email addresses. But it goes beyond lexical latitude. We largely get to dream up our own projects. And when we’re given direction, it comes in the form of an interface, if you will. We get to design the implementing class.

Even this blog is an example of that. Nobody asked me to write this. A few of us Advocate/Evangelist-flavored folks got to talking at a recent EclipseCon conference about how rewarding the work is, so I decided to advertise that a bit since we’re expanding our team.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and help other developers be more awesome, check out this opening. If you don’t see your perfect fit listed, apply anyway and tell us about the role you’re looking for. Come play on our team.

ps: Yes, the rumors of plentiful office beer are true. And ping-pong.

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