(Note: Promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered!)

Atlassian’s Cash For Clunkers program is proving popular amongst the bug-tracking community and unlike the US program we are able to continue the Atlassian program for another 14 days without having to ask Congress for additional funding.

What is being traded-in?

Our team of analysts have conducted a thorough review of all bug-tracker trade-ins submitted to date, concluding over 90% of trade-ins are rated moderate to extreme in clunkiness. Their first report appears below:


Who will win the $4,000?

As part of our Cash For Clunkers program, we are running a $4,000 competition for the best Cash For Clunkers story, screenshot, blog-post and/or screencast. It’s too early to tell who is going to win but we have some strong contenders who gracefully reflect the appalling bug tracking conditions that persist to this day.


A real clunker: magnetic strips on metal filing cabinet

26-censored.pngThe ever popular and very lovable open source clunker: Bugzilla

Do you have a better clunker story and a better chance of winning $4,000?


Why are people trading-in their clunkers?

Recipients of the free 10-user license of Jira 4 or 20% off Jira coupon are citing a plethora of reasons as to why they are trading in their clunkers.

  • Bugzilla: “I feel like I am living in the 90’s and I should be using telnet for email”
  • Trac: “Really? What frustrates me the most about Trac? My friends make fun of me! I’m very in to open source, and I love it when my friends contribute to my work and critique what I’ve done. But now they just log in to make fun of me! “What’s this?” “Are you going to ever set a logo?” “When are you going to upgrade to Excel?!” I will no longer be the target of ridicule, Atlassian will save me.”
  • OnTime: “Just like a few people that I know, it’s pretty, but it’s also much too slow and awkward to work with.”
  • CollabNet: “There is no contextual guidance to any of the screens. Teaching people to learn the system is like a campfire chat gone wrong. The worst part is data mining. Every time I use it I fear it has made me dumber”
  • Excel: “It’s Excel!”

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