Q: What do the following things have in common?

  • An acquisition of a company
  • The release of an updated development tools suite
  • Bamboo plugins

A: They were all topics that could be found on the Atlassian blogs. Here’s a smattering of what was published on the Atlassian blogs in the last couple weeks.

We’ve gone into the code hosting business. You have code, and now we have a place for you to host it and share it. We’re excited to announce we have acquired Bitbucket.org, the premier provider of hosted code collaboration services for the Mercurial distributed version control system (DVCS). Read more.

Jira Studio 2.3 now available. With features like revamped agile capabilities, wiki auto-complete and more, we’re excited to announce that Jira Studio has been upgraded to version 2.3. Read more.

AtlasCamp 2010: More Stoked Than Ever. My continued stokedness is due not to the agenda that was published a few weeks back, but is due instead to the incredible community activity we’ve had lately on the AtlasCamp 2010 Chatter Page. Read more.

Plugin Profile: Time Tracking with Minyaa Suite. Minyaa Suite was born to replace the Kaamelot plugin, a plugin created 5 years ago which merged all the enhancements that I was able to bring into Jira to address our needs. Read more.

Wiki Management – Keep Your Team Informed. Have you ever wanted to keep a team member notified of changes to a space, page or blog post? Now you can, with ‘Manage Watchers’, a feature released in Confluence 3.3 that allows you to keep all your key stakeholders informed of important updates. Read more.

Introducing the Bamboo Release Management Plugin – Part 2. In this blog post I’m going to walk through what we believe is a standard, simple release pipeline that can be implemented in your Atlassian Bamboo continuous integration server using the Bamboo Release Management Plugin (BRMP). Read more.

And these are just some of the fine blog posts you’ll find when skimming through our blogs. You won’t miss a beat when you subscribe to them all.

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