Last week, Fortune wrote an article about our business model, our vision, and how we’re approaching business collaboration.

Our DNA is in helping software teams build great products and making it easier to work together across teams.

Lately, we’ve been focusing on expanding our product offerings to non-software teams, and applying these principles for all teams, including non-technical ones.

Jira Service Desk, our newest offering and Atlassian’s fastest growing product to date, is a simple yet powerful service desk that helps not just IT, but all teams deliver help to their employees in a responsive and efficient way.

For example, Sotheby’s in New York and London use Jira Service Desk to track everything from “a carpet needs cleaning” to “a Picasso needs to be moved from Viewing Gallery A to B.”

Nathan Smith, Assistant Vice President of IT Application Development for Sotheby’s, spoke about how Jira Service Desk has helped their business:

“[Jira Service Desk] has resulted in improvements in productivity and clearer communication between different parties. We are confident that improvements will come further down the line, but so far they have been difficult to measure because we had very little data to start with. The data was hidden in emails, and on pieces of paper. By centralizing requests onto a single system, the data is now visible. This means we have established a baseline to report on, and use in our planning.”

– Nathan Smith, Assistant Vice President of IT Application Development of Sotheby’s

A big thank you to our customers who find ever-more-surprising ways to use our products (if that’s you, drop a comment below to tell us about it!) and evangelize them throughout their teams.

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