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You have code, and now we have a place for you to host it and share it. We’re excited to announce we have acquired, the premier provider of hosted code collaboration services for the Mercurial distributed version control system (DVCS). Bitbucket has over 60,000 users around the world and we’re gearing to push it forward even further. You can now get free, private code hosting for up to 5 users, and for the next week, we’re also giving away a 10 user subscription to Bitbucket for a full year. Open source customers can get unlimited repository, unlimited user accounts.


DVCS is a new-fangled way to manage your source via distributed repositories, and Mercurial and Git are the undisputed heavyweights of the DVCS world. While Atlassian is clearly heavily committed to the success of Mercurial, we are going to remain agnostic with regards to support of other SCMs including Subversion, Perforce, Git, CVS and ClearCase. In the coming months, you’ll see expanded support for all of these SCMs across Atlassian tools.

Good changes on the roadmap

As part of the acquisition, the Bitbucket founders are now working at Atlassian helping to develop the project even further (and we’re hiring more!). We’ve already migrated Bitbucket to our preferred hosting provider, Contegix, for zippier performance and improved stability, and we’re hard at work making many more upgrades and performance improvements.

Where to next?


We’ve gone into the code hosting business