48 hours prior to the The National Computer Science School (NCSS) Atlassian site visit:

Robyn: “Matt, could you do a 15 min demo of advanced Confluence features?”

Matt: “Sure. Who is the audience?”

Robyn: “About 100 high school students interested in Computer Science.”

Matt: “What do they already know about Confluence?”

Robyn: “They know the basics. They played around with Confluence yesterday.”

Matt: “Cool, I’ll put something together.”

Robyn: “Thanks Matt!”

Matt (thinking to himself): Why did I agree to that?! What can I show ~100 high-school kids that they will actually be interested in?! I know, what did I hate doing most when I was at uni? Group assignments!

The National Computer Science School brings together talented young people for an intensive week of computer programming, web design and related activities in the School of Information Technologies at The University of Sydney. The Computer Science School has been offered each summer holidays in various forms since it was initiated by the University’s Foundation for Information Technology in 1996.


Atlassian has been involved with NCSS for a few years now. In the past we’ve had our staff volunteer as mentors for their annual programming competition, created the coolest free t-shirt ever and sponsored the summer school since 2008. This year we also donated Confluence and Jira licenses to NCSS to help the students with their planning and collaboration for their project – to build a search engine and web site for a charitable organisation.

Those talented young students came to visit the Atlassian HQ in Sydney on Thursday 8th January. Below is a recording of the demo I gave the students and tutors. Although it focuses on using Confluence for collaborating on a group assignment, the concepts can be applied to a project or group task in the enterprise. Enjoy!

Plugins/Macros used in the demo:

Confluence goes back 2 school