Jim McGee writes about Alan Kay’s recent interview by CIO Insight magazine, in which he discusses what isn’t right about personal computing and how we should change our thinking for the next generation of computing. From the interview, entitled Alan Kay: The PC Must be Revamped–Now:

“Engelbart, right from his very first proposal to ARPA [Advanced Research Projects Agency], said that when adults accomplish something that’s important, they almost always do it through some sort of group activity. If computing was going to amount to anything, it should be an amplifier of the collective intelligence of groups. But Engelbart pointed out that most organizations don’t really know what they know, and are poor at transmitting new ideas and new plans in a way that’s understandable. Organizations are mostly organized around their current goals. Some organizations have a part that tries to improve the process for attaining current goals. But very few organizations improve the process of figuring out what the goals should be.

Using collective intelligence and the wiki to improve how you work, as you work