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Introducing Jira Software for iPhone

A recent Atlassian user survey found that 75% of Jira Software Cloud users were seeking a better way to track work in Jira from their smartphone. And as the pressure to release better software faster steadily increases for every software team, we wanted to give Jira Software users a competitive edge and a new way to stay connected. Enter Jira Software for iPhone.

With our new mobile offering for Jira Software, great software development doesn’t have to stop when you’re not at your desk. Let’s see how.

Track what’s important

Jira Software for iPhone keeps one curated feed of all your most important projects and work items at your fingertips. So whether you’re grabbing breakfast or waiting in the doctor’s office, ensuring that everything is still on track is as easy as scrolling through a feed on your iPhone. And, whenever you return to your desk you can immediately jump on the next item in your backlog, instead of catching up on conversations and work that occurred while you were away.


Join the conversation from anywhere

Our new mobile offering prevents team members on the go from being the bottleneck on a project. In the event there’s an action item for you, Jira Software for iPhone will notify you, then allow you to easily respond to the question or leave a comment. You can even mention other team members, pulling anyone relevant into the conversation. Jumping in to ensure that work on a particular issue continues is as painless as a few key strokes. No blocked issues means no missed deadlines.

Capture and assign issues

Oftentimes the best ideas arise when you least expect them. A stroke of brilliance may hit you when you’re on a morning run or while enjoying a glass of wine after work. And, if you don’t capture it in the moment, it may be gone forever. For this reason we’ve added the ability to create, assign, and prioritize issues directly from your phone. Whether it’s a bug you forgot to log, or a new idea you want to capture when you’re out and about, creating new to-dos is now as easy as reaching in your pocket.

A better way to track important projects and stay connected to your team has arrived. Jira Software for iPhone is available now as a free download on the iPhone App Store. Grab it today!

FAQs: In case you might be wondering…
1. Is Jira Software available for Android?
At this time Jira Software is only available for iPhone. However, keep a close eye out for updates on Jira Software for Android.
2. Does Jira Software for iPhone include boards?
This version of Jira Software for iPhone does not include boards, but we know boards are an important component to the way teams work. Please stay tuned!
3. Can I use Jira Software for iPhone with Jira Software Cloud and Server?
At this time Jira Software for iPhone is only available for Jira Software Cloud users.

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