Jira Studio 2.2 has been launched, and it includes exciting upgrades to several of the underlying Atlassian applications. If you’ve been thinking about switching to hosted software development for your next project, this is release is definitely worth checking out!

Fisheye 2.2

Jira Studio 2.2 includes a year’s worth of improvements to the source browsing feature, including:

  • Enhanced side-by-side diff viewing
  • Faster source browing
  • More information about committers
  • Richer source annotations

Crucible 2.2

Studio’s code review features have also been massively improved, with new features like

  • Iterative reviews: Source code revisions made after the start of a review are easily incorporated to the review.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Navigate through reviews quickly with Jira (and Gmail) – like keyboard shortcuts.
  • No moderator required: Faster, simpler review process

Jira 4.1

The issues tracking features in Jira Studio have been greatly enhanced including:

  • Revamped issue screen: A simpler issue editing interface will help you triage much more quickly.
  • More keyboard shortcuts: Access the dashboard, projects, quick search and more.
  • Issue action dropdown in gadgets: Save time by updating issues right on your dashboard.

Greenhopper 4.4

The agile planning and management features have been enhanced including:

  • Scrum project templates: Pre-configure your issues with story points, ranking and flagging.
  • Improved epic management
  • Enhanced usability on the planning, tracking and chart boards

Check out the full release notes for Jira Studio 2.2

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Jira Studio 2.2 Released – Enhanced Source Browsing, Code Review, Issue Screen and more