The last week of December is always an exciting one. From contemplating the promise of a new year to looking back on everything we’ve done in the current one, it’s a time for reflection in both our personal and professional lives.

For the Atlassian Developer Community, 2022 was a year of growth and adapting to continual change. We brought our builders together through community events and contests, enhanced the capabilities of our platforms, and worked towards a streamlined Atlassian developer experience. There is always room for more improvement, but we’re more excited than ever about the potential opportunities ahead. 

There’s been a lot for us to celebrate this year. Let’s take a tour of a few key events, product updates, and announcements in our Developer Community. 

Uniting our global community

From Developer Day to Codegeist, thousands of developers of all backgrounds and skill levels joined us to learn more about Atlassian apps and grow with us this year. As we think about the future of our community in 2023, we want you to know how important events are for our community to mingle, network and learn. 

We’ve gradually begun returning to in-person gatherings, but virtual events are here to stay. Virtual events allow us to be more inclusive, welcoming folks who usually may not have been able to make the trip.

There’s no better feeling than watching the community come together to share knowledge. Here’s a few highlights from our events this year. 

Developer Day 2022

Developer Day has always been a cornerstone of our community. In 2022, hundreds of Atlassians and Marketplace Partners from 25 countries joined us online to hear feature announcements (including Forge Mobile and Forge Runtime 2.0), keynotes, and product demos from a few of our Marketplace Partners.

Catch up on Developer Day 2022 on our YouTube channel, and check out these five great bonus talks you may have missed from a few of our Marketplace Partners and Atlassian employees.

Codegeist 2022

Our annual developer hackathon was a hit this year, with 3,000 + participants across 84 counties competing for $300,000 in prizes and awards. Since October, over 25 Codegeist apps have been submitted to the Marketplace, with more to come! 

Still working on getting yours listed? Take a look at this blog for guidance on Atlassian’s requirements and a few important tips on branding and marketing your creation. 

You can also check out a few of the winning entries and take a scroll through our #Codegeist2022 hashtag on Twitter to hear more about participants’ experiences. 

Developer AMA Series

This summer, we invited 4 members of our developer ecosystem with different experiences building on Forge to answer questions from the community during our Developer AMA series.

Here’s a summary of what our four AMA hosts shared. If you want to dive into more detail, there’s a recap of each AMA on our Developer Blog:

  • Daniel Wester discussed the highs and lows of being an app developer
  • Tim Pettersen, Head of Developer Experience at Atlassian, answered questions about reliability, feedback, and the future of the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Gorka Puente and George Dinkov from AppFire talked about growth and acquisition as a Marketplace Partner. 

Excited to get involved in the Developer Community? Well, we’d love to have you! The next chance to connect will be during our annual App Week, happening February 6-10 in Berlin, where you can try new developer platform features, learn best practices for enterprise-grade Cloud apps, and discuss all things Open DevOps.

We’ll also continue updating our community during our quarterly Forge roadmap webinars, which are held live online, made available on YouTube and recapped right here on our Developer Blog, so you never have to feel out of the loop.

Built new capabilities for developer innovation

We made many important and exciting updates to Forge and the overall product ecosystem in 2022. From launching new features to improving existing ones, it’s an exciting time to build new things on Forge.

Released Forge for Jira Service Management

In March, we announced that Jira Service Management extension points are available for Forge. This means developers can now build Forge apps that customize Jira Service Management, Jira Software, and Confluence – bringing us one step closer to extending Forge across the full Atlassian product suite. We currently have 12 extension points available and are working on 5 more. Follow along with the Forge Product Roadmap to find out what’s in progress and coming soon.

Launched Compass

Compass, a new Atlassian product released in April, can be made even better with apps powered by Forge. In 2022, Marketplace Partners published seven new Compass Forge apps, bringing the total to 13, and we achieved over 5,000 app installs across all Compass tenants.

Ready to start building your first Compass app on Forge? Check out our documentation for step-by-step instructions.

Improved Forge monitoring

We all know how critical app monitoring is to the performance of your app and your business. This year, we released a few enhancements to the Forge developer console to help Marketplace Partners gain more insight into app performance. From frictionless log sharing to new metrics and alerts, Marketplace Partners now have a better understanding of what’s going on so they can take proactive steps to improve performance. 

For more product updates, stay tuned for our next Forge roadmap webinar at the end of Q1.

Access consolidated information and support

Your experience as a developer is always at the top of our minds. We made several updates and released new tools to help Marketplace Partners provide a high level of support to their customers, while receiving quality feedback and support from Atlassian.

Released our universal developer changelog

We know it’s no fun to search through several different pages across many Atlassian products, platforms and initiatives for the announcements and updates you need. Our consolidated Developer Changelog creates a new level of standardization and customization, allowing you to quickly get all the information you need across multiple products. The changelogs were redesigned to make them more consistent, more reliable, and to provide useful features such as free-text search and RSS feeds.

Launched a consolidated Developer Support Portal

Speaking of consolidation, 2022 also brought some important changes to our developer support with our new Developer Support Portal. The Portal is the home for our  new incident reporting process, which moves this flow out of the developer community and into a system where Atlassian can monitor and report on trends. It also sets up a framework where we can measure and understand important metrics like acknowledgment of an incident and time to resolution.

Introduced the Developer Canary Program

Because we know that monitoring for issues and changes in Atlassian Cloud APIs is a challenge for developers, we have expanded our Developer Canary Program (DCP). This opt-in program can help enhance your testing and monitoring strategy. Earlier this month, we released information on how to enroll in the DCP and receive new, production-ready features before the general release. If you’re ready to try it, follow these steps to get enrolled.

Goodbye, 2022!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our developer and Marketplace Partner community, this year gave all of us reason to celebrate. We appreciate your innovation and hard work, and we know 2023 has even bigger things in store for all of us!

Looking Back at 2022: The Atlassian Developer Community Year in Review