Yes, you heard correctly
We’re giving away fully functional 5 user licences of Confluence and Jira until April 24th.
What was that? Only $5 for a 5 user license.
Why would we do that?
As engineers, many of us have been involved in smaller teams (or even helped establish them!) and understand the difficulties involved in finding affordable software to help a business grow. We all know that good tools help us realise the potential of our ideas and solutions. Atlassian wants to help small businesses, nimble teams and startups to afford enterprise class software for the price of a cup of coffee. We’re calling it the Atlassian Stimulus Package. And the best part is that all proceeds from this special one-week sale will go to charity!
What’s the catch?
There is absolutely no catch. If you want a 5 user license for personal or professional use, it’s yours. Just buy on or before Friday April 24th (US Pacific time).
What about when I renew in a year? Is that when I’ll get sticker shock?
Nope. You’ll be able to renew for $5.
Is the $5 version missing an eye or something? Will I have reduced capabilities?
No. It is a fully functional commercial license. Just like what the larger teams buy.
If you’re only charging $5, why don’t you just give it away?
Well, we kind of are giving it away. All the proceeds are going to be donated by the Atlassian Foundation to Room to Read, a charity dedicated to building libraries and schools for children in developing nations. Have you heard of our Foundation? It’s a fantastic initiative which is dedicated to improving the world around us – why don’t you read some more about the Atlassian Foundation.
We want to help Room to Read and you out. Our goal is to sell 5000 licenses, giving Room to Read $25,000, enough money to build 5 or 6 libraries. Everyone wins.
However, we need to reach our target of 5000 licenses, and to do that we’ll need your help. If you know any small developer teams that need great software like Jira and Confluence then you need to point them to this page. Let them know how they can boost their infrastructure setup and build their businesses, all with a good conscience as their donation goes to helping underprivileged children across the globe.
Will I get Atlassian’s Legendary Support or be left to figure it out myself?
As an Atlassian customer, you have access to our legendary support service. To accommodate the high volume of customers who have signed up for this license, Atlassian support will not be able to answer questions on LDAP integration and performance tuning for the starter licenses. In addition, the starter license is only supported for standalone installations.
Where can I get my hands on this?
Visit: to download your $5 license! It’s that simple.
Don’t forget: $5 licenses are only available until the 24th of April!

Confluence and Jira – 5 users for $5