Confluence Roadmap Planner

Setting goals for yourself and your team can play an important part in your team’s accomplishments. Here’s a good one you can set to help you kick off the coming quarter:

This quarter, my team is going to plan our roadmaps and projects better than we ever have before.

Planning at a bird’s-eye view

Learn how our Roadmap Planner macro can help you and your team work through some of your most complex quarterly or yearly plans. This macro is perfect for creating lightweight product and team roadmaps, as well as visualizing timelines for your team’s projects.

How many times has a teammate or stakeholder asked you about what’s next? Add the timeline to your pages in Confluence and give people a visual single-source of truth for what’s on the horizon. Your colleagues can easily identify upcoming milestones and gain a high level understanding of what your team is working on. You’ll never have to explain your timeline again.

Add bars to your timeline and map out your roadmap or project for everyone to see.

Build, adjust, and share your plans

You can now create a digital version of the timeline you would have normally whiteboard with your team. Build your schedule with lanes for large projects, bars for sub-projects, and markers for key dates and milestones – all with a few clicks. Drag and drop, resize, rename, and move elements around with your cursor as plans evolve. Not even a whiteboard can do that.

Changing your plans is as easy as dragging and dropping.

And when it comes to sharing or keeping your team updated, as long as they are watching the page, everyone gets automatic notifications about updates to the timeline.

Connect your plans with the work in flight

Another struggle with planning is connecting those plans with the work getting done. The Roadmap Planner macro makes it easy to connect other Confluence pages with what’s on your timeline so anyone can drill down for more detail.

Link your plans to relevant pages so there’s always context.

Timeline planning for every team

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The Roadmap Planner macro isn’t just for roadmaps, either. It’s for any team’s projects, like quarterly marketing planning, visualizing development projects, or cross-functional resource allocation. We use it regularly to do our quarterly and yearly planning on the collaboration marketing team at Atlassian. It’s a helpful tool to get a high-level view of our marketing activities and commitments and helps us identify any holes in our strategy.

Existing Confluence Cloud customers

You’ve got it already! Just take a look in the Macro Browser to find it. To get started, type “/ roadmap planner” while editing a page.

New Confluence customers

Get up and running in a matter of minutes with Confluence Cloud for free.

Have questions about how to use the Roadmap Planner? See what others are asking on the Atlassian Community.

Plan better with the Roadmap Planner macro in Confluence