Having the right information available at the right time is key to sustaining the speed and efficiency of software development. And with the goal to improve software development for teams everywhere, we’ve released Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center 4.6 to help your teams release faster and more efficiently. This release addresses feature suggestions with over 500 votes on our public issue tracker. Here are some highlights:

Code search

We announced code search back in April and we’re proud it has graduated from our Early Access Program and is now generally available for Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. Searching for code is a highly requested feature by our users, and for good reason – as the amount of code you have inevitably grows, it can be tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. In 4.6, you can now search for code directly from the search bar, and also:

  • Search for code across all your projects and repositories.
  • Search for code within a specific project or repositories.
  • Use search operators to get more precise search results.
  • Search for code based on the language it’s written in.


Commit message and timestamp in source view

When browsing a repository it can be useful to understand information about the latest change to a file to help guide you on your way. To help with this, the file browser now includes details of the last commit for each file, just like in Bitbucket Cloud. In addition, hovering over the commit will display the full commit message. This is a handy little interaction we’ve sprinkled into other pages too, such as the commit list and blame views.


Blame in diff view

Speaking of which, blame views are now available in more places. You might be familiar with the blame button in the source views. It’s based on the git command of the same and shows details of the last commit line-by-line. It’s great for chasing down bugs. Now, the blame view is available in diff views too, so a commit diff or pull request diff can tell you more about the nature of the changes you’re looking at and where they came from. For example, you can find out who last changed some code and then bring them into a pull request for an expert perspective by mentioning them in a comment. TL;DR: Stay. In. Flow.

image2016-5-11 14-42-39

But wait, there’s more!

Gone are the days of confusing timestamps; we’ve added the ability to set your individual time zone. Now remote users and distributed teams can set their own time zones, providing accurate local timestamps within the interface and notification emails. Admins can set the default time zone of the primary instance, but it won’t override a user’s preference.



Check out the release notes to read more about these new features and the other improvements we’ve made in Bitbucket Server and Data Center 4.6, or update now.

Update to Bitbucket Server 4.6


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