Matt Ryall

Matt Ryall

Head of Product, Jira Software

Matt Ryall

Matt started at Atlassian almost 14 years ago as an engineer on Confluence. Since that time, he has led product teams across Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Ops, and now Jira Software Cloud. He is passionate about software, design, and building products people love using.

Jira issues linking in IDEA 7 change view

I'm not sure whether this is a new feature in IDEA 7, but it's pretty cool: automatic linking of Jira issues in version control commit messages back to the Jira instance of your choice.

An x-ray of Confluence

In many ways, Confluence has grown organically, and its dependency tree is no exception. Confluence has well over 100 open...

A subtle ploy

One of the tricky parts of introducing a wiki into an organisation is getting people in the habit of using it. Here's one way Atlassian promoted the wiki internally.

Zombies recommended

A little-known feature in Confluence is that it provides suggested labels when you are editing content or open the label edit controls at the top of a page. But sometimes these suggestions can be...

Bidi quirkiness

We’ve had a longstanding feature request for Arabic and Hebrew support in Confluence. Although pages can be written in any...

Using Jira for support

There’s a few neat things about using Jira for support. We’re eating our own dogfood, as the saying goes, by...