Jay Simons

Jay Simons

Jay Simons

Eats shoots and leaves.

Introducing Teamder™

Despite the myriad advances in workplace technology, we're still forming teams the old fashioned way. We pour over org charts. We obsess about bringing the right blend of skills and view points to the...

A Confederacy of Phreaks

Not (just) another marketing blog There are dozens of great marketing blogs - many we subscribe religiously to (the OPML file), and learn a great deal from - but we found that...

Visual requirements management in Jira

The <a href="https://plugins.atlassian.com/plugin/details/5161">Balsamiq Mockups for <span class="caps">Jira </span>plugin</a> lets you quickly attach UI mockups to any <span class="caps">Jira </span>issue, turning <span class="caps">Jira </span>into an even better collaboration tool for certain tasks - especially design...