Christopher Owen

Christopher Owen

Christopher Owen

Presenting the Future Macro

I am pleased to announce that the <a href=""><cite>Confluence Future Macro</cite> has been released</a> as an open source plugin on <a href="">the Atlassian Labs site</a>.

Software artists need a good character palette

As software engineers writing internationalised applications it's very useful to have quick access to vital information about Unicode characters such as their names, glyphs in various typefaces and how they are encoded under various...

The Monthly Code Smell – Issue 1

Code reviews are great because not only can they prevent defects from shipping to customers, they are also a great learning tool for both author and reviewer. But why should the learning stop there,...

"cache-control: no-store" considered harmful

If your browsing habits are anything like mine you may have realised, when using Confluence 2.7, that the back and forward controls on your browser seem to be much faster when traversing wiki pages.

Data URLs

Sometimes you like to think that you pretty much know everything there is to know about URIs and web browsers....

Get your Wiiki on

It was with great trepidation that I directed the Nintendo Wii’s new web browser to the Atlassian extranet’s Confluence instance....

Taming wild classpaths

One of the more frustrating things to diagnose when supporting our products are classpath issues. Help is now here.