Charles Miller

Charles Miller

Charles Miller

Keep 'em clean, boys.

On Tuesday, I was invited to observe the inaugural Jira process meeting, in which the Jira development team discussed various ways they could improve the way they produce software.

Effective Jira Issues

Filing effective issues is incredibly important. Every product has a lot of issues in the database, and a lot more get filed every day. The more accurate detail is in each issue, the more...

Atlassian Sydney Staff Room

Today, we finally banished the non-productive elements of Atlassian to another floor of the office-building (all those sales/marketing/admin people. I mean what do they do, really?). With a big chunk in the middle of...

The Occasional Ray of Light

Still, it's depressing sometimes, spending most of your time looking at your creation through a distorting lens that shows only its flaws. It's very easy to forget that the reason people are reporting problems,...