Although this may not seem obvious at first, there are some important parallels between Apple’s iPhone and Confluence 3.0. “How can this be?!?” you might ask. After all, the iPhone is a piece of hardware developed by one of the world’s oldest and most admired technology companies. Confluence, on the other hand, is this intangible thing called a “wiki” created by a young Australian company.
Despite these differences, they share some fundamental characteristics. To create the iPhone, Apple took the ordinary cell phone and built tons of functionality on top of it to develop a new device that can be used for almost anything. Atlassian has done something similar with Confluence. It took a basic collaboration tool and added a bunch of capabilities that expanded the wiki’s use beyond simple collaboration.
To highlight these similarities, we made a few short videos modeled after Apple’s recent advertising campaign for the iPhone. Here’s one video that shows how the Macro Browser intuitively broadens the range of tasks that Confluence can be used to accomplish.

We’ll publish the remaining two videos in subsequent blog posts.

You Can Do That! Part 1 of 3...