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Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you’re actually getting work done. Between excessive emails, pointless meetings, and constant interruptions, your productivity takes a back seat.

You’re not alone either. Everyone struggles to get work done – keeping your team in a constant state of distress as project deadlines close in. The old adage, ‘Work smarter, not harder’ doesn’t seem to apply as you work after hours, through lunch, and even on the weekends just to keep you head above water. Seriously, where does all the time go?!

There’s a Better Way to Work

Our latest release of Confluence is just days away. It’s packed full of new features that helps teams rediscover productivity and get more done, together. While we’re eagerly awaiting its availability, we want you to join us in scrutinizing the usual suspects – the three biggest producivity-robbing culprits in the workplace: excessive email, pointless meetings, and constant interruptions.

Prepare to be amazed at just how much of your time is wasted at work.

Infographic Teaser

Take a look, stay tuned for Confluence 4.3 and our ‘Collaboration Done Right’ blog series, and get ready to rediscover productivity.


You Waste A LOT of Time at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]