Hipchat new features
Are you a boss? Maybe not technically, but you should always be living the boss life. And that means taking control of your work environment so you can pop that collar and win those dollars.

New features and improvements in Hipchat are aimed at giving you the controls. Three newbies–per-room notifications, appearance settings, and custom emoticons for all–let you choose how you want to work.

1. Customize notifications by room

Set the stage for success by focusing on important chats and silencing others. In Hipchat, you can set notifications per room to moderate the noise level from each chat.

Hipchat per-room notifications

This feature is currently in the Hipchat web app as a beta. In any room, just click the three dots in the top right corner, and click room notifications.

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2. Set your Hipchat appearance

One size does not fit all. And the same goes for Hipchat. Now in Hipchat web, you can select how you want Hipchat to look.

Choose a dark or light theme, adjust text density, add or remove avatars, and show either names or mentions.

Hipchat appearance settings

Hipchat appearance settings

The power is yours. Use it wisely.

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3. Create emoticons (yes, you!)

Now any user can create emoticons for their group. Want to turn your boss into an emoticon? Great. Just drag and drop the image or gif into our Emoticon Shrink Ray and boom, it’s there.

Hipchat custom emoticons

To create an emoticon, simply go to Settings > Manage account > Emoticons.

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When it comes to your work life, you’re in charge. We’re simply here to give you the tools that help put you on boss status.

We’d love to hear your from you: leave your thoughts on the beta features, and let us know what else you want to see on Hipchat.

New Hipchat features give you the controls...