You’ve probably heard us talking up Confluence 4.2 over the past two weeks. Trust us, it’s for good reason. We already shared three improvements in better share notificationsattachment labels, and easy user invites, but they were just appetizers. Get ready for the main course…

Encourage Collaboration that Leads to Real Results

Not only have we continued our investment in the new Confluence editor, taking content creation to the next level. Confluence 4.2 takes a huge step forward in our desire to help users make sense of information overload with a renewed focus on content engagement and discovery.

Confluence Collaboration Cycle

1. Create

Visual Page Layouts allow anyone – newbies to power users – to create incredibly rich, structured content.

2. Engage

Likes and Quick Comments take the friction out of sharing feedback and contributing ideas, encouraging more users to collaborate.

“Finding and grooming content is a huge challenge, and Confluence’s new “like” feature delivers a familiar and powerful solution. It’s dead-simple for users to contribute, and “like” notifications loop people back in and keep the conversation going. It’s crowd-sourcing that works for any size crowd.” – Darryl Duke, Founder, Stepstone Technologies Inc.

3. Discover

A new Popular content stream on the Dashboard takes these contributions and shows what’s trending in Confluence, right now – pages, blog posts, and comments.

To make sure you never you never miss another important conversation again Confluence now sends a weekly summary email of the content that’s being commented on and liked the most. If it’s popular, it’s probably important.

New Features in Confluence 4.2
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See What’s New

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