We’re excited to announce that Jira Studio has been upgraded to version 2.3, with a bunch of exciting new features. Let me tell you more!

Agile Planning and Tracking Improvements

Jira Studio 23 Task Board.png
Jira Studio has been updated to include GreenHopper 5.2, introducing a faster, simpler interface for agile project planning and tracking. Notable features include:

  • A redesigned planning board, with easy filtering by component or assignee, and drag & drop pagination for long backlogs.
  • The task board features a simpler user experience with lots of improvements to support the use of Kanban constraints.
  • Inline editing of issues to save a round trip to the issue interface during planning and tracking.
  • Cummulative flow diagrams show throughput across time to support more precise planning and constraints.

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Faster Wiki Editing

Autocomplete Shortcuts.jpg
Editing wiki pages and blog posts has gotten a whole lot faster and easier now that Jira Studio has been updated to include Confluence 3.3! One of the best improvements is the new autocomplete feature for links, images and macros. This feature is a huge time-saver!
Other notable wiki improvements include:

  • The wiki page gadget allows you to put Confluence page content into any OpenSocial dashboard, including Jira Studio or Jira.
  • Manage watchers for all pages and blog posts in a space.

Link.png Jira Studio 23 Wiki Image.png Jira Studio 23 Wiki Macro.png
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External user authentication in Jira Studio & Google Apps

Jira Studio customers who use Google Apps can now provide access to external users. This is a great feature for organizations that work with contractors or agencies for development, or for companies who want to allow customers to access parts of their Jira Studio instance.
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Automatic Build Agent Management

Jira Studio 2.3 includes an update to Bamboo 2.6, which includes several features that make it easier to manage your build agents running in the Amazon EC2 cloud. You can now define ‘strategies’ for managing build agents automatically, such as:

  • Default – Balances build queue clearance rates with elastic instance usage costs.
  • Aggressive – Favours higher build queue clearance rates but with higher elastic instance usage costs.
  • Passive – Favours lower instance usage costs but with lower build queue clearance rates.

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Jira Studio 2.3 Available – Revamped Agile Features, Wiki Auto-Complete and more